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Sarah P in America Welcome to my kitchen! I have lots of great things I’d like to share with you – and I hope you enjoy them! Sarah and I have long avoided housework in the efforts of doing more stuff with our lives. More stuff being more fun, more laughter, more love, and less work! So together, we post about the things we do, and we write e-Books. I hope you enjoy the site and please, do let us know your thoughts and ideas! If you need a chart or booklet for something, let me know!

I specialise in meal plannning, budgeting, charts and cooking, and Sarah X does all of the above plus she’s a lot more handy around the house.

Saucy Sarahs is the product of two women who hate house work – and so have designed systems to help you minimize it! We believe that well designed and thoughtful systems can support and help you, allowing greater time for the things you really value.

Saucy Sarah P has made charts and flow plans for her home life for over ten years now, and at the moment is prioritising health within her kitchen system. She loves to cook, plan, and write. Click here to email her and say hi!

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